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Welcome to Amulets Mall. On this site, you will find various types of Thai amulets created by past or present monks in Thailand which are available for collection or as a form of protective charm. We have collectors of varied experience, showcasing a wide range of Thai amulets and statues including exquisite pieces which have won many titles in amulet competitions.

This website will be continually updated to show you the latest products offered by the various dealers as well as highlighting the best-selling products of the month. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealers if you are interested in their products. Have a pleasant stay in Amulets Mall!

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ITEM NAME:   Rian Archan Nam of Wat Donsala 2519 block niyom
DESCRIPTION:   This rian is made by Archan Nam of Wat Donsala at year 2519. A popular piece among the collector and had produced uncountable miracles to the wearer. Very well maintained at its original and beautiful condition.
STATUS:   Sold
SELLER:   Amulets Art
CONTACT:   +6013-4315733
EMAIL:   AmuletsArt@live.com
PRICE:   S$0.00
ITEM VIEW:   2100

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