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Welcome to Amulets Mall. On this site, you will find various types of Thai amulets created by past or present monks in Thailand which are available for collection or as a form of protective charm. We have collectors of varied experience, showcasing a wide range of Thai amulets and statues including exquisite pieces which have won many titles in amulet competitions.

This website will be continually updated to show you the latest products offered by the various dealers as well as highlighting the best-selling products of the month. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealers if you are interested in their products. Have a pleasant stay in Amulets Mall!

01. Phra Putha Chinaraj B.E. 2531 12iches
02. Rian Sema LuangPhor Thuat Phim Nar PaakSorngSen ( Forehead two line mould ) 2504
03. Phra Bucha Phang PrathanPhon Rattanakosin LuangPhor Pae Wat PikunThong 2518 (Singhburi)
04. Rian LuangPhor Sodh Wat Paknam B.E.2501
05. Wat Paknam Roon Raek ( First batch 8th mould )
06. Phra Somdet Phim Yoh LuangPhu Phoo of Wat Intaraviharn ( Bangkok )
07. Phra Somdet Phim GaangPla Yai B.E.2468
08. Wat Paknam Roon Raek
09. Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 Nur Phong Bailan
10. Phayant RoiTao (Foot print cloth) of LuangPhor Doem of Wat NongPho (Nakonsawan)
11. Rian NgobNamOii Nur Samrit ( mix alloy material ) LuangPu Jai Wat Sadet (Samut Songkhram)
12. Phra Luang Phor Thuat Wat Changhai (Pattani) Phim LangNangSeu Tor Lek 2505
13. Rian NgobNamOii Nur Ngern ( Silver material ) LuangPu Jai Wat Sadet (Samut Songkhram)
14. Phra Bucha Phang RamPhueng Chaokhun Sri ( Sorn ) Wat Suthat
15. Rian Roon Raek LuangPu Toh 2510 ThongDaeng material
16. Rian Roon Raek LuangPu Toh 2510 Samrit material
17. Phra Wat Pakame, 6 th batch. Bangkok.
18. Phra Wat Pakame, 6 th batch. Bangkok.
19. Phra Wat Pakame, 6 th batch. Bangkok.
20. Phra Wat Pakame, 6 th batch. Bangkok.
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Item Name:
Phra Keow Morokot Lang Seau (tiger at the back) Phim Lek (Small Mould) B.E.2513 Chao Khun Nor Wat Thepserin (Bangkok)
Price: S$0.00
Status: In stock
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Phra LuangPhor Thuat Phim LangTaoRit Nar Chin Wat Changhai 2508 (Pattani)
Price: S$0.00
Status: New
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Rian Chinraj Indocine Wat Suthas 2485 (Bangkok)
Price: S$0.00
Status: For show
Item Name:
Phra NgobNamOii LuangPhor Niam Wat Noi ( Suphanburi )
Price: S$0.00
Status: Sold

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