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Welcome to Amulets Mall. On this site, you will find various types of Thai amulets created by past or present monks in Thailand which are available for collection or as a form of protective charm. We have collectors of varied experience, showcasing a wide range of Thai amulets and statues including exquisite pieces which have won many titles in amulet competitions.

This website will be continually updated to show you the latest products offered by the various dealers as well as highlighting the best-selling products of the month. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealers if you are interested in their products. Have a pleasant stay in Amulets Mall!

01. LoopOm Nur Chin Takua with Code LuangPhor Niam Wat Noi (Suphanburi)
02. Palakit LuangPu See Wat Sakae (Ayuthaya)
03. Rian Arm LongYaa See Leuang (Yellow colour) LuangPhor Sothorn B.E.2507
04. Phra Bucha LuangPhor Sothorn 2509 9 inches Wat Sothorn (Chachaengsao)
05. Rian Puthanimit Acharn Thep Sarikaboot
06. Hoon PaYon Phra Pikanet Acharn Loi PoNgern (Ayuthaya)
07. Phra Pidat Maha Ut LuangPu Iam Wat Nang (Bangkok)
08. Phra Pidta Phim Sangkati Two Sided mould with Takrut LuangPu Iam Wat Nang (Bangkok)
09. Lp Toh Locket, Phim LoopKlaa, Phim Them Ohng. Wat Pradochimpee
10. Takrut Thon Sao 5 LuangPhor Koon Wat BaanRai 2536
11. Phra Kring Nar India (lndia Face)Nar Yai (Large Face ) Sang Karat Pae Wat Suthat 2482 B.E (Bangkok)
12. Balakit Luang Pu Siw Wat Pidaram (Nakornpathom ) (7.5cm 1.2cm )
13. Loop Om Luang Phor Kron (Tok Raja ) Wat Uttamaaram (Bang Sae ) (Kelantan)
14. Takrut NarpaakSeua LuangPhor Teh Wat SaamNgam (Nakon Pathom)
15. Takrut LuangPhor Kaew Wat Phuangmalai(Samut Songkram)
16. Phra Wat Huahuk Phim Rasirmi created by LuangPu Suk Wat Pakklong Makamtao
17. Phsyant fnmhas wnh xacary phiry wal Amulets Charm Phrai Wan. (AyuthayaA 289;
18. Phra Kring Soloh Moo Nee A Charn sawai 2509B.E. Wat Rajnadda. (Bangkok)
19. Phra Kring Nawahorakhun Roon 5 Acharn Sawai Sumsno 2505B.E. Wat Rajnadda. (Bangkok)
20. Phayant Phrom See Nar Acharn Heng Phrai Wan.
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Rian LuangPu Toh Roon Sorng(2nd batch) Block Niyom(Popular mould) Wat Pradoochimpee 2511 (Bangkok)
Price: S$0.00
Status: Sold
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Balakit PhraKru Samlit Wat U-Thong (Suphanburi)
Price: S$0.00
Status: For show
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Balakit Prakru Samlit Wat U Thong (Suphanburi)
Price: S$0.00
Status: In stock
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Phra Sangkachai Nur Thong Kam ( Gold Made) B.E 2543 , Luang Phor Tim , Wat Pak Kow (Ayuthaya)
Price: S$0.00
Status: For show

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